we hate a lot of things,
but we love art and design

but yeah, the world is awful.

We’re a small creative shop based in Los Angeles. We make art and apparel, like shirts and stuff. We’re a little grumpy. A little sarcastic and sardonic. We like creative experimentation in our laboratory. We hope you like our vibe and our stuff.

things we like

coffee. time travel. regular travel. facts. animation. monsters. kung fu. wong kar wai. game of thrones. bruce lee. michel gondry. ninjas. revenge. technology. miyazaki. feminism. board games. video games. robots. naps. chocolate. bookstores. cameras. rain. dinosaurs. the boston dynamics robots that will one day destory us all.

things we hate

selfish people. mean people. stupid people. people in general. bullies. traffic. having to click on all the squares with traffic signs. racism. injustice. liars. cheats. thieves. narcissists. bad presidents. indecision. bad manners. slow internet. arrogance. ignorance. hypocrisy. dust. smoking. loud people. using the word ironic incorrectly.